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The official Moomin character quiz reveals which one of the lovable Moomins is your match! Have fun and challenge your friends to see which character they .

Apr 6, 2019 Kate Winslet and Rosamund Pike are among the starry lineup in a new TV adaptation of the Moomins. Why do Tove Jansson's hippo creatures .

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Hogy lehet a vizespalack óhatatlanul mennyi vizet kellene meginnod, a legjobb, ha 3-4 napon át reggelente megméred a súlyodat ha fogyni szeretnél.

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Moominmamma (Finnish: Muumimamma, Swedish: Muminmamman ) is a Moomin married to Moominpappa, who found her during a storm, and is the mother.

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Sniff is not a Moomin, but he lives in the Moominhouse just likeLittle My. Although he's eager to join in with whatever the Moomins are up to, his timidity means .