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Feline panleukopenia (FP) is a highly contagious viral disease of cats caused by the feline parvovirus. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload.

Feline panleukopenia is a highly contagious, often fatal, viral disease of cats that is seen worldwide. Kittens are affected most severely. The causative parvovirus is very resistant; it can persist for 1 yr at room temperature in the environment, if protected in organic material.

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Kittens who at are exposed to panleukopenia virus during development of the cerebellum (generally the last 2 weeks of gestation up until about 4 weeks of age) wind up with a cerebellum that is too small and doesn't function properly.

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Click here to download the Feline Panleukopenia file Virus Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) is the prototype of closely related parvoviruses isolated from dogs, mink, raccoons, raccoon dogs, foxes and other canids (Parrish, 1990).

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